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3rd Party Components and their Licenses
jQuery and jQuery UI
The website uses jQuery and jQuery UI components von &
jQuery License and jQuery UI License
Files: /jquery/*
The website uses MIT ( licensed FileSaver.js from,
MIT License
Files: /js/FileSaver.js
Files: /tools/FileSaver.js/*
The website uses MIT ( licensed base64-js from
MIT License
Files: /js/base64.js
Files: /js/base64js.min.js
Files: /tools/
The website uses a GNU General Public License version 3+ ( licensed geoPlugin von
Files: /php/geoplugin.class.php
GNU General Public License License version 3
The website uses a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3+ ( licensed PHP TCPDF von
GNU Lesser General Public License License version 3
Files: /tools/tcpdf/*
Google Fonts
The website uses Apache 2.0 ( licensed fonts from
Apache License 2.0
Files: /fonts/opensans/*
Files: /fonts/opensanscondensed/*
Google Icons
The website uses Apache 2.0 ( licensed icons from
Apache License 2.0
Files: /icons/*

account_multiple_*, alert_*, aspect-ratio_*, autorenew_*, book_*, book-open-page-variant_*, camera_*, camera-outline_*, cancel_*, cart_*, cart-off_*, cart-plus_*, chevron-left_*, chevron-right_*, city_*, cloud_*, coffee_*, contact-mail_*, copyright_*, content-copy_*, content-cut_*, credit-card_*, currency-usd_*, desktop-mac_*, dots-horizontal_*, dots-vertical_*, download_*, eject_*, email_*, eye_*, eye-off_*, file_*, file-pdf-box_*, film_*, filmstrip_*, fingerprint_*, flag_*, folder-multiple-image_*, fullscreen_*, fullscreen-exit_*, google-chrome_*, google-maps_*, help-circle_*, human_*, human-female_*, human-greeting_*, human-male_*, human-male-female_*, human-pregnant_*, ice-cream_*, image_*, image-album_*, image-frame_**, image-multiple_*, information_*, information-outline_*, invert-colors_*, key_*, library_*, library_books*, magnify_*, magnify-minus-outline_*, magnify-plus-outline_*, map-marker_*, menu_*, menu-down_*, nature_*, new-box_*, numeric-0-box_*, numeric-0-box-outline_*, numeric-1-box_*, numeric-1-box-outline_*, numeric-2-box_*, numeric-2-box-outline_*, numeric-3-box_*, numeric-3-box-outline_*, numeric-4-box_*, numeric-4-box-outline_*, numeric-5-box_*, numeric-5-box-outline_*, numeric-6-box_*, numeric-6-box-outline_*, numeric-7-box_*, numeric-7-box-outline_*, numeric-8-box_*, numeric-8-box-outline_*, numeric-9-box_*, numeric-9-box-outline_*, numeric-9-plus-box_*, numeric-9-plus-box-outline_*, open-in-new_*, palette_*, pause_*, phone_*, power_*, printer_*, quality-high_*, receipt_*, refresh_*, scanner_*, scooter_*, security_*, smoking-off_*, sort-alphabetical_*, sort-numeric_*, sort-variant_*, speaker_*, spellcheck_*, spray-bottle_*, stop_*, store_*, tag_*, tea_*, thumb-down_*, thumb-up_*, towing_*, tram_*, translate_*, truck_*, video_*, video-off_*, view-comfy-outline_*, view-dashboard-variant_*, view-grid_*, view-list_*, voicemail_*, volume-high_*, volume-low_*, volume-medium_*, volume-off_*, walk_*, water-off_*, web_*, white-balance-incandescent_*, white-balance-iridescent_*, white-balance-sunny_*, wrench_*, youtube-play_*
Material Design Icons
The website uses SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1 ( licensed icons from
Files: /icons/*

access-point_*, access-point-network_*, arrow-collapse-all_*, arrow-expand-all_*, box-cutter_*, bookshelf_*, bus_side_*, calculator_*, calendar-week_*, camera-off_*, car-hatchback_*, cart-outline_*, cash_*, cctv_*, ceiling-light_*, chevron-double-left_*, chevron-double-right_*, chili-hot_*, chili-medium_*, chili-mild_*, close-octagon_*, counter_*, credit-card-off_*, crown_*, church_*, currency-eur_*, database_*, delete_*, dog-side-off_*, edge_*, email-open_*, email-secure_*, emoticon-excited_*, emoticon-happy_*, emoticon-neutral_*, emoticon-sad_*, file-image_*, file-pdf_*, file-video_*, firefox_*, folder-multiple_*, glass-flute_*, hanger_*, help_*, help-box_*, high-definition_*, home-map-marker_*, home-modern_*, human-child_*, human-handsdown_*, human-handsup_*, ice-cream-off_*, image-off_*, image-outline_*, internet-explorer_*, language-c_*, language-cpp_*, language-css3_*, language-html5_*, language-javascript_*, language-php_*, linkedin_*, link-variant_*, linux_*, login-variant_*, logout-variant_*, loop_*, map-marker-multiple_*, map-marker-outline_*, map-marker-radius_*, minus-box-outline_*, music_*, music-off_*, nest-thermostat_*, network_*, numeric-0_*, numeric-0-circle_*, numeric-0-circle-outline_*, numeric-1_*, numeric-1-circle_*, numeric-1-circle-outline_*, numeric-2_*, numeric-2-circle_*, numeric-2-circle-outline_*, numeric-3_*, numeric-3-circle_*, numeric-3-circle-outline_*, numeric-4_*, numeric-4-circle_*, numeric-4-circle-outline_*, numeric-5_*, numeric-5-circle_*, numeric-5-circle-outline_*, numeric-6_*, numeric-6-circle_*, numeric-6-circle-outline_*, numeric-7_*, numeric-7-circle_*, numeric-7-circle-outline_*, numeric-8_*, numeric-8-circle_*, numeric-8-circle-outline_*, numeric-9_*, numeric-9-circle_*, numeric-9-circle-outline_*, numeric-9-plus-circle_*, numeric-9-plus-circle-outline_*, opera_*, package_*, package-variant_*, paper-roll_*, paypal_*, pen_*, percent_*, plus-box-outline_*, power-socket-de*, presentation_*, presentation-play printer-off_*, professional-hexagon_*, qrcode_*, qrcode-scan_*, quality-low_*, recycle_*, rollerblade-off_*, roman-numeral-1_*, roman-numeral-2_*, roman-numeral-3_*, roman-numeral-4_*, roman-numeral-5_*, roman-numeral-6_*, roman-numeral-7_*, roman-numeral-8_*, roman-numeral-9_*, roman-numeral-10_*, rotate-3d_*, seal_*, search-web_*, sitemap_*, shield-sun-outline_*, shoe-print_*, sign-caution_*, sign-direction_*, skull-crossbones_*, sort-ascending_*, sort_*, sort-descending_*, spotlight-beam_*, standard-definition_*, step-backward_*, step-forward_*, sunglasses_*, svg_*, temperature-celsius_*, temperature-fahrenheit_*, thermometer_*, thermometer-lines_*, trophy-outline_*, trophy-variant_*, truck-delivery_*, truck-fast_*, twitter_*, ubuntu_*, ultra-high-definition_*, umbrella_*, van-utility_*, video-vintage_*, volume-minus_*, volume-plus_*, volume-variant-off_black_*, weight-kilogram_*, wheelchair-accessibility_*, wifi_*, window-close_*, windows_*, xing_*
The Noun Project Icons
The website uses icons from
Microscope by Hector M from the Noun Project
Reset by Roberto Chiaveri from the Noun Project
Attribution 3.0 International United States (CC BY 3.0 US)
Files: /icons/NP/*
Museum Ulm
The website uses an invite card from the Museum Ulm.
Files: /3rd-party-pics/22-triennale-ulmer-kunst*
The website uses some real pictures / 3D simulations licensed from These pictures / 3D simulations are used for to simulate the placing of my pictures in rooms.
Files: /3rd-party-pics/123rf/*
room 1: astragal / 123RF Standard-Bild
room 2: poligonchik / 123RF Standard-Bild
room 3: bialasiewicz / 123RF Standard-Bild
room 4: elsar77 / 123RF Standard-Bild
room 5: poligonchik / 123RF Standard-Bild
OpenAI*. ChatGPT* 3.5
Starting with 2023, I use ChatGPT* to generate and/or grammer/spell check and/or translate text.
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